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“Great selection of local farm produce”

We picked up fresh fruit, cheese, baked goods, beer, wine and snacks at this market. The owner was very courteous and helpful. There is lots of selection. We will be back again!

— 251ceh

From Facebook - Not fair, not fair at all. No delicious crumb grape pie, no mouth watering glazed fried cakes, no tasty garlic bread, and now to top it off no Concord grape fried cakes for us this year!!! So bummed!!! Hope each of you appreciate the fresh, made from scratch, and full of love delectable items you have the opportunity to enjoy and purchase from #JosephsWaysideMarket. Others of us do not have the opportunity, but sure wish we did!!

— AmyBrian C.

Loved the Orange based Honey!!

Loved the Strawberries and Blueberries too. They very fresh and sweet. Wish I had bought more to carry these more.

— Ani Ta

This is our favorite seasonal market in Upstate, NY.

It's gorgeous, convenient and well-run. I buy seedlings there every year for my garden, and they raise wonderful, healthy plants and produce. In addition to great plants they have a remarkably good bakery, which offer local specialties, like grape tarts/pies. I also love their selection of gourmet sauces, pie fillings and pickles. They do a wonderful job of displaying their produce/plants, and it's so beautiful to walk around and take in the wonderful bounty of the area. We look forward to it opening each year.

— C. Bianconi

Great little farm market while driving through the Finger Lakes”

We always stop here on Mother's Day as it's one of my wife's favorite places to stop and pick up, well, whatever. Fresh veggies, plants, fruit, snacks for the kids, beer, you name it. It's at the southern tip of Naples, NY on the southern tip of Canandaigua Lake. If you keep driving SE you'll hit Keuka Lake and then you'll hit Seneca Lake. Great driving.

— Clarkvara

“best fresh fruit stand and more”

Everything that you could ever need. from fruits to vegetable to cheese and more. great staff and good prices

— Gardener of Flowers

“Nice little market!”

This is a nice market that carries plants, vegetables, outdoor furniture, wine and knick knacks. Their prices are very reasonable, the staff is pleasant and their variety is real nice. Worth a stop if you have a few minutes.

— James R.

“Fresh produce and baked goods ”

We often go to Joseph's on our way to Grimes Glen (or other hiking spots in the area). The teens scarf the fresh fruit and down the baked goods! Their variety of foods, wine, canned goods (think jams, honey) and little trinkets (many of them wine themed, given the area). Great stop! Wouldn't miss it!! — Laura Z.

“The stop in Naples that has it all!”

On our foliage road trip today, Columbus Day, it's a must to stop at Joseph's Wayside Market in Naples, NY. Fresh everything...grapes, apples, squash, all other veggies. I saw variations of pumpkins and gourds that were amazing. The homemade donuts are the best. Hot fresh apple cider and huge assortment of pies, grape pie being the attraction. I especially appreciated there gluten free table of baked goodies. The G/F homemade bread is outstanding..THANK YOU! Much more than I can mention here. So we arrived home with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. They truly care about the quality and friendly service as well.

— Lucy T.

What a cute market again great finds and everyone is friendly

— Mary May Molloy

Super quaint little roadside farm market. Had all the local seasonal offerings one might expect.

— Matt Smith

Nice produce - Farmers market. We stopped in mid - July and they had a good selection of baked goods, produce and other similar items. Also had some plants and vegetables. It's located in Naples, NY which has some interesting points of interest.

— Tim Sweeney

“Fresh produce and baked goods”

This is the only place we visited in the Finger Lakes area that seemed to have a large selection of New York produced food. They had a large selection of very interesting breads. We bought four loaves along with honey and maple syrup made in the area. The flowers for sale were gorgeous.

— Toni K.